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Memories from WWII 1939-1945
European Theatre


This page is made purely as a collector of WWII memorabilia in general, from the Allied and Axis forces, for historical purpose only !!!
I like to express that the items on this website do not in any way represent the political views or intentions of the maker of the website but are solely placed as items of historical interest and importance. I reject any use of 3rd Reich items for promotion of political views or for propaganda purpose.
All Third Reich related German items on this website are brought together under the condition that these shall only be used for purposes of historical research, study or collections, dealing with this gruesome episode of history.

Flt./Lt. Sydney H. Bazley, Battle of Britain pilot personal artefacts

Pte. G.G.H.Parkhurst 1101464 service & pay book with awarded medals

V.F. OsmondPte. V.F.Osmond 5567035 letter (Normandy invasion, Hill 112)

British paratrooper cap badge 1944

pegasus patchBritish paratrooper Pegasus sleeve patch

Nurse J.G. Bouwman

The Red Beret, signed by Maj.Gen. Roy Urquhart

Signal flag of H.M.S. Hood and original writing of T.Briggs

US helmet type M1 1944

German Steel Helmet (found in France)

German Rangefinder EM 1M R36

German trench binoculars (Scherenfernrohr)

German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS stamps

Letter from Battle of Britain P/O 264 Sq. F.C. Sutton

messerschmidtParts of shot down Bf 109E-1 of H.Möller

blut und bodenGerman seal stamp of the Reichsnährstand

belt and buckleGerman WH Belt and buckle 1943

stamp koenigsberg German official stamp Stadt Königsberg

HJ dagger German HJ dagger

British aeronautical mapBritish aeronatical map april 1944

astrocompassAstro Compass MkII 6A/1174 RAF issued

Iron cross awarded to E.Wagenhäuser

iron cross 1st classGerman iron Cross 1st class with screwback

Iron Cross 2nd class WWIIGerman iron cross 2nd class

U.S. Distinguished Unit Citation

breithauptWWII German marching compass

wehrpassGerman soldier M.Faisst Wehrpass

fieldphoneWWII US Army EE-8 Field Telephone

Iron CrossBritish Defence Medal 1939 - 1945

RAF ATC side capRAF side cap ATC

navigationRAF navigation instruction book

notesNotes for Light Machine Gunners

Coffee mugRAF coffee mug

Deutsche JungvolkDJ Marksman's badge + booklet

first aid kitFirst Aid US Army WWII

airspeed computerU.S.A.F. True Airspeed Computer WWII

navigationUS bomber navigation equipment

German dogtagGerman Dog Tag

buttonsRAF uniform buttons

Longines-Wittnauer CompassLongines-Wittnauer WWII compass (1941)

KonvulotenGerman kriegsmarine items

FeldpostGerman "Feldpost" Wilhelmshaven

nsdapNSDAP party membership pin

Omega 30T2Omega UK military issue WWII

Benrus Sky ChiefBenrus WWII story.....

Omega SuveränOmega Suverän (1945)

BritixBritix Chronograph Landeron 248 (1943)

Bulova type A11Bulova US military issue WWII (1943)

Elgin Type A11Elgin US military issue WWII (1943)

union jackUnion Jack dated 1941