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Astro Compass MKII 6a/1174 R.A.F. issued


The manual Astro-Compass is a device that is pointed to a known star (that includes the Sun) and then will indicate true North. Used by pilots and navigators to determine accurate true heading by the sun or stars. It is well suited for aligning a boat's compass while away from shore-based magnetic interference. It also functions as a pelorus with extremely fast and simple operation.


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The Astrocompass is complete with its original WWII wooden box with only the strap and front catches missing.

The astrocompass functions by means of measured movement in three independent axes. The uppermost member contains a peep sight for stellar use and a shadow bar for use with the sun. The main platform is adjustable by reference to two integral spirit levels. These instruments were surplussed after World War II. They are becoming quite rare

The Astro-Compass can not be used by placing it on a flat surface.  The leveling screws will not make any change.  It needs to be mounted in a pipe with an I.D. of about 1.925" and an O.D. of about 2.250".  There should be a 0.325" wide slot extending about 0.85" from the top of the pile to pass the clamp screw (see image below).




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