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G.G.H. Parkhurst Service and Paybook 1940-1945


WWII awardsOriginal W.W.II. period complete British soldiers service and pay book with awarded medals belonging to G.G.H. Parkhurst, service number: 1101464 with the rank of private (gunner or GNR.)
This person was during the most part of WWII a member of the 57th Field Regiment, Royal artillery in the 5th Army Group, which fell under 30th Corps, which was a part of the 8th Army commanded by Field Marshal B.L. Montgomery.

During the war years as a member of the 57th Field Regiment RA of the 8th Army, Mr. Parkhurst lived through and took part in some of the most memorable allied operations of the European/African theatre:


Battle at El Alamein
Invasion of Sicily
Operation Veritable

In his servicebook there are notes that he received the following awards:
Africa Star with 8th Army clasp (received januari 1944)
for service in North Africa (battle at El Alamein)

Italy Star (received 10th of october 1945)
for service in Italy (invasion of Sicili)

France & Germany Star (received 10th of october 1945)
Mr. Parkhurst was enlisted on the 20th november 1940 at the age of 34, after the evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk in which the 57th Field Regiment RA saw its first action. The last battleground of Mr. Parkhurst within the 8th army was Italy. In his Service book it is mentioned that Mr. Parkhurst was part of an exchange operation to the "Rijnvallei" (e.g. Rhine valley) on the 1st of februari 1945, just a week before Operation Veritable under command of B.L. Montgomery started. It is probable that Mr. Parkhurst was transferred to another unit in the 2nd Army and took part in Operation Veritable.

1939 - 1945 Star (received 10th of october 1945)
for service during the 1939 - 1940 years

Some famous commanders under which he served:
Field Marshall B.L. Montgomery
Lieut.Gen. Sir Oliver Leese
Lieut.Gen. Richard McCreery

Video's of the 8th army:
British 8th army in Nothern Africa

Operation "Husky" in Italy

Some personal references are also mentioned in this service book:

name: Godfrey Graham Hugh Parkhurst
born: 04/09/1906
profession: Gardener
enlisted: Eastborne on 20/11/1940
wife: Kate Parkhurst
last known address: Moorcot, Beacon Road Crowborough, Sussex
religion: C/E
blood group: A/2
Height: 5ft 8,5 inches
Eyes: Blue
skin: tan



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