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German HJ dagger


This is an unusual story about a HJ (Hitler Jugend) dagger that came into my possession just the other day. At a fine afternoon my 11 year old son came to me with a dagger in his hand, asking me if he could keep it. I immediately recognize the shape of the dagger as a HJ dagger of WWII, so I asked him were he got it from. His answer was simple, he found it at his grandfathers backyard lying there between the rose bushes. My father recently died and was born in March 1940 in Rotterdam, just 2 months before the city was bombed by the Germans, he luckely survived the bombing. He was never a HJ member, besides the fact that he was utterly against that kind of philosophies, he was simply too young.

So how did it get there? Unfortunately I cannot ask my father anymore, so it will always be a bit of a mystery how the dagger came into his garden between the rose bushes..
Anyway, it is now part of my colletion, altough it had a rough life, it's still a piece of WWII history.
The only markings on the blade which are still slightly visible is "RZM". Originally there were RZM markings of the manufacturer and the text "Blut und Ehre!" as you can see below.


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