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German Breithaupt Marching Compass WWII


Breithaupt Military Marching Compass (Aluminium model)

This was the typical marching compass of the Wehrmacht soldiers until 1945. During WW II, the company's code name was “clk”. There were several models: most probably, they were first entirely made of brass (case and lid) and the folding ruler measured only 50 mm. Because of lack of material during WW II the products were changed to aluminium. On the other side, the ruler became longer: 60 mm. All compasses featured 6400 mils divisions, counterclockwise. Numerous other details differ (see technical data). F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn (Kassel) is an old German company with a long tradition which delivered many compass types to the industry (mines) and the armies. It was created in 1767 by Johann Christian Breithaupt (born 23 June 1736, died in 1800). He was later designated Hofmechanikus (chief engineer) of Landgraf Friedrich IInd of Hesse-Cassel in 1768.

Technical Data
- Diameter: 54 mm
- Depth: 17 mm
- Weight: 60 g
- Case: nickel
- Lid: aluminium (broad nose), hinge with 4 rivets
- Ring: brass
- Folding ruler: 60 mm



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